IOT Solutions

IOT will bring economic benefit to many organizations around the globe.
Connected devices are making their way from business and industry to the mass market.

IOT Solutions

The Internet of Things (IOT) is all set to transform nearly every industry to change the way one lives and works. IOT is a latest technology wave which is taking over the ever connected world that we live in. It encompasses every aspect of technology, starting from sensors, gateways to communications to Cloud to BigData Analytics to Web and Mobile.

A challenge within internet of things is to design and develop ‘meaningful’ products. Concourse brings together all the necessary resources and stakeholders–companies and specialists in hardware, software, sensors, data analytics, cloud, connectivity, security, design etc – to help you ideate, launch and scale the next generation of IOT products & solutions that will come to shape our world and our lives. Our expertise in Telecom, Web/Mobile etc adds further synergy to our IOT endeavours.

We are also constantly researching and innovating on bringing IOT components, products and solutions to the market directly. Our current R&D is into the areas of, but not limited to, ‘Smart Agriculture, ‘Smart Cities’ and even ‘Smart Telecom’ etc. Keep an eye on this space, for some exciting announcements in the near future!!